Worms and Flowers

Where for art thou, spring

Posted in Flowers, Garden, Weather by Lzyjo on March 14, 2010

Only six weeks ago the world outside was covered with snow and ice with more layers of ice and snow on top of that. Temperatures have consistently been 10 degrees below average. Now that it has warmed up the temperamental  spring weather has set in. Read, thunderstorms, hail, 25-mile-an-hour winds, and a threat for tornadoes.


By mid January local schools had run out of snow days…..I have to laugh becuase they shut down when it’s cold and they let drivers decide whether they want to go out or not. But that’s another story. The only good part about an ice storm is it’s beautiful, if only for a few hours before they sun begins melting it off, drip by drip. In the Northeast you are expected to drive  in 6+ inches on snow, but here that’s nearly impossible, mostly becuase they don’t have the type of road crews like in the NE. I saw one ice truck and it went by three days after the storm when the road was already clear. Oy.

I’ve already been planting peas, but I fear it’s too cold. On the bright side the lawn is definitely turning green from the spring rains and it won’t be long now.


Here’s what’s happening at CasaLiz. The frigid-looking pansies are flowering more and more, buds are swelling — leaves ready to bust out. Bulbs are coming up all over the place. Somewhere I expected, others in more surprising locations. Jumping-Jimminy, it’s exciting.

What’s been happening in your gardens?