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My Pathetic Pineapple Sage

Posted in Flowers by Lzyjo on July 14, 2009

Salvia Elegans, Pineapple Sage, had been on my list for a long time. It was last winter when I finally got one. Fragrant foliage scented like pineapple and spires of red flowers that are a hummingbird’s dream. Everything about the plant sounded so cherry to me.

I made a nice space for it, with southern exposure, where it surely would flower and planted it out in the spring. It grew steadily bigger during the unseasonably cool spring. Then the summer heat set in and even with supplemental water and the shade of the sunflower poof it shriveled up, leaving three branches.


It is a sad, sad, sight. The tender Pineapple sage, hardy, but dying back to the ground in Zone 8 and 9, is apparently as heat sensitive as it is intolerant to cold. Harumphfffffffff.

What should I do. Move on to another humming bird magnet, or try replanting it in a shadier position?

I reeeeeally wanted this one to work out! I still love all of its lovely features, even if it won’t grow for me!