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Review–Scrusher Boot Scraper

Posted in Reviews by Lzyjo on May 7, 2009

I am one lucky girl. I inherited a Scrusher boot scraper from the previous tenants, it had never even been used, (as a boot scraper that is, it had been used as an ash tray, yuk!) The Scrusher is a marvel. It’s built to last and as well manufactured as a product can get, in Wisconsin no less! The manufacturer Chaseburg even offers replacement brushes. The brushes a really high quality, mounted on wood. I can’t  imagine ever needing replacements. The side brushes are softer than the bottom brushes, to avoid damaging shoes. The industrial version of the Scrusher is used on more than half of the golf courses in U.S. and Europe. You know it works!

As the name implies, the Scrusher is a scraper/brusher. The brushes are more effective at getting in the cervices and treads than standard wrought iron scraper types, which I have used in the past. In my experience the bar scraper types require additional brushing, and/or using a screw driver to pry dried mud from the treads.

I have found  the Scrusher is best at removing thick cake-y mud, but it does a fine job on slippery watery mud also.


Before and after shows a significant reduction in the amount of mud. I would not walk around in the house with these on, but they are clean enough to bring into the mud room.

There are times when I’ve had so much mud on my boots that my feet felt tremendously lighter after the Scrushing.  If you have ever skied you know the feeling of putting on your sneakers after all day in ski boots, you just want to dance and skip around, or at least I do.


Oh! What a mess! But at least it’s not inside the house. Although it looks horrid now, it will be easy to sweep away when it’s dry. There are even portals on the edges of the Scrusher to remove mud that falls into the bottom.

At 29.95 I would buy one if I didn’t already own one.

The Scrusher is available from online retailers, or directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer accepts phone orders only, so you have to call their 800 number, but they do have a website with the specs and prices.

They also have a portable model (that doesn’t need to be drilled down) for $10 more.

This thing is indispensable in my world.

Scrusher website.

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