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Happy Halloween

Posted in Holidays, Inside by Lzyjo on October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!


I wandered over to the Martha Stewart website for some pumpkin carving inspiration. There are things I really love about Martha Stewart, some of her recipes are absolutely top shelf. My ultimate favorite is her Chocolate chip cookie breakdown, three different recipes for the cookies texture you want. When ever I make chocolate chip cookies the soft and chewy version is the one I refer back to time and time again. OMG. I used to get up at 5 Am to bake these cookies for my softball team. MMMM!! I also made my friend a cookie cake using this recipe, just poured it into a pie plate. OMG OMG!! It was SO good!


Martha Stewart’s Halloween projects are always phenomenal.  I got my first Martha Stewart Living subscription was I was 15.  (Yes, I am a dork) Another great Halloween project of her’s, that I did, was a Halloween window monster, (sort of resembling a dragon). The dragon was cut out of black plastic landscape sheeting and taped on to the window and then the body was filled in the green kraft paper, it was awesome on a picture window!

Anyway, there are so many great ideas for Halloween decorating. I loved Martha’s carrot nose pumpkins, and i used the only carrot from the garden for the nose! LOL! One thing, the pumpkin and the carrot do desiccate, so it’s best to only make it a a few days ahead. Or you can do like me and replace the carrot with a pepper when the hole is too big.

I used Martha’s transfer method from the magazine. Draw your face on paper, tape it to the pumpkin and transfer the design with a pin.

Have a Happy Halloween!