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I just want to say thank you to all of my readers for your ongoing support. This week I broke a huge milestone for myself. 10,000 hits since last Christmas, (according to WordPress. SiteMeter is a little off.)

Every month, for the past six consecutive months I have broken my monthly hit record. In June there were 2,500 hits. On average almost 100 hits per day. The highest traffic days was a freakish 310. (I just love WordPress’ integrated stats, one of the most rockin’ features!) It came from link through one of those random blog channels. Have you ever been linked to from on of them? The traffic is ridiculous and I have no idea how one’s site actually gets added.

My all-time most popular post is still my gargoyle with over 870 hits. For whatever reason, hardy a day goes by without someone visiting that post.

My wnderful blogging friends, thank you for helping  me break my personal records and thank you for your support.

Wordless Wednesday

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Big Box Stores Blight the Country

Posted in News by Lzyjo on July 21, 2009

I’m not talking about parking problems and increased traffic, I am talking about late blight being spread across the country by infected tomato plants sold a nation-wide retailers.

Professor of Plant Pathology at Cornell University, Meg McGrath called blight, “worse than the Bubonic Plague for plants.”

Blight is well-known for causing the infamous Irish Potato Famine in the mid 1800s. Despite its reputation as a potato-killer, tomatoes are actually more susceptible to the fast-moving fungal condition.

Scientists monitoring the advance of the fungal disease report this year’s infection has started earlier and has been more severe than years past.

We all know, this spring and summer has been unusually wet and cool, providing the perfect conditions for blight.

Right now infections have been found is almost all of the Eastern states, excluding, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and West Virginia.

The New York Times reported that Alabama-based Bonnie Plants recalled all of its remaining tomato plants on June 26. Bonnie, known for their peat pots, distributes their plants to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s from more than 60 greenhouses in 38 states .

The disease moves so fast, there are reports of entire fields of tomatoes dying over a weekend. Farmers are already talking about the price of tomatoes doubling from the squelched supply.

More articles on the Blight situation:

Associated Press “Plant disease hits eastern US veggies early, hard”

Albany Times Union “Blight like a nuclear bomb”

Albany Times Union “Big-box blight hits tomatoes”

New York Times “Outbreak of Fungus Threatens Tomato Crop”

Friday Garden Update #8

Posted in Friday Garden Update by Lzyjo on July 17, 2009

This was the week  of the pepper.


Our hot pepper plants yielded a bountiful amount of chilies.

Sheepnose Pimento

The sweet peppers are starting to set fruit in earnest.

Marconi Sweet Pepper

My overwintered chili is producing great quantities of fruit and branching out widely.


I guess we’ll see is 19 pepper plants are too many!


There seems to be a problem with blight on my tomatoes, come to think of it, this may have been a contributing factor to the potato failure.


There are tons of green tomatoes and still not a lot of red ones, even so I’ve harvested about 1 pound and a half.


My midsummer succession plantings are coming in. There are summer squashes and corn where the potatoes were this spring.


After a stern talking to my hyacinth bean has grown tremendously in the past week!


This Charentais melon, a true cantaloupe, is really pissing me off. It is growing SOOOO slowing and the yields have been, in a word, unimpressive. I think I shall have a word with this straggler in the afternoon!


The harvest tally stands at 66.52. With the expenses factored in we are -15.33, the break even point is in sight!!!

I apologize for presenting another bee/sunflower picture, but I just can’t resist taking them! These ( I think they are carpenter bees) were fighting for a place on this popular flower!

Have a great weekend and, my fellow Tennesseans, enjoy the cool weather!!