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Wake Up, Plumerias, Wake Up!

Posted in Plumeria by Lzyjo on June 11, 2009

The unseasonably cool month of May brought us over seven inches of rain, almost two inches above average.  The combination of cooler temperatures, rain, and cloudy days kept my  plumerias languishing in dormancy. I feel like they hate me because they are almost a month behind schedule.


The back row is my blooming size plumerias. L to R. Orange blossom special w/seed pod, Ammaron’s curly white, J.L. Pink Pansy, and Miami Rose.

Front L to R. Four one year old seedlings, White Shell, which just underwent an emergency repot, looks like there might be some blacktip preventing the claw from opening. Hopefully it will improve since the application of Immunox. In the front right is a seedling of Celadine.


One of the exciting things happening right now is the seed pod is finally at the final stages of ripening after nine long months. I found a thigh high just in time to cover the pod before it started to split open. A regular pair of pantyhose would probably work even better, because the crotch could pull directly over the branch supporting the pod, but, by all means use whatever you have on hand!


At first, I thought the pod was rotting, as it blackened, wrinkled, and looked like just going mushy. Then when I looked closely I saw the bottom of the pod was splitting open. This is so exciting! I now publicly pledge, “I will sprout no more than 10 plumeria seeds.”


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  1. gail said, on June 12, 2009 at 7:16 AM

    I don’t know this plant except through a photo…what an long time to wait for seeds, but I take it they are well worth the wait! Do you have a greenhouse for winter storage of your tropicals? gail

  2. Gururaj said, on June 12, 2009 at 7:47 AM

    I hunted around for Plumeria seeds in Penang, Malaysia, but couldn’t find them – of course I had only one day to shop around. I have decided to buy the plant here – costs about 2500 J. yen (around 28 US$). I have fond remembrances of this flower from my childhood in Bombay. I look forward with interest to the growth of your Plumerias.

  3. Lzyjo said, on June 12, 2009 at 8:21 AM

    Ah! A greenhouse! I wish! My sweet husband lets me keep them on a storage table in our bedroom! Nine months is a long time! I keep reminding myself that human babies take that long too! I can’t imagine!

  4. Lzyjo said, on June 12, 2009 at 8:25 AM

    AH! Penang! As in the Penang Peach plumeria cultivar! Plumeria keep getting more expensive every year. When I bought mine, I paid, $25 to $30 each, now they are selling them for $36 to $40! I think they are a worth while investment. They are by far my most expensive plants! I have over $200 into my collection, including $100 paid for the five foot tall one!

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