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Looking Forward to Irises

Posted in Flowers, Public Gardens by Lzyjo on April 24, 2009

Irises are one of my favorite spring flowers. Despite their short bloom time, their many colors, shapes and artistic form make from a delight. Perhaps viewing the iris gardens at New York’s Bronx Botanical Gardens, as a child, made me have a deeper appreciation for the iris. I can still remember, with photographic exactness, a bright egg yolk-orange iris with tremendous ruffled edges and behind that a luscious velvety deep dark purple bloom and around those many others of equal beauty.


Here in my Tennessee garden the irises are covered with buds and the first flower popped open this morning.


Iris gardens, often operated by private homeowners, are an amazing spectacle at peak bloom time.


If you happen to live near Rockland County, NY or Bergen County, NJ I recommend you check out Gray’s Iris Garden, one of the best-kept secrets in the area.

Gray’s Garden is located at 140 Upper Saddle River Road, Montvale, NJ 07645 (just across the border with NY State).  Upper Saddle River Rd is right off of Chestnut Ridge Rd, with easy access to many highways. It is in a very nondescript location. One could drive pass the road everyday and not notice it.  The road is a very quiet no outlet and there is plenty of parking on both sides of the street.  On a fine afternoon at peak season, May 27 – June 10,  you will find many visitors quietly wandering and numerous artists set up in the gardens. I true delight. I highly recommend it to any residents or visitors to the Tri-State Area. Even sulky teenagers, like I once was, will appreciate the special beauty this garden holds.

For more information on Iris Gardens check these links:

Nationwide Network of Iris Display Gardens sponsored by the Median Iris Society

Gray’s Iris Garden Directions and Information

Gray’s Garden Photos and Visitor Information

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Earth Day

Posted in Environment, History by Lzyjo on April 22, 2009

A friend’s mom once told me Earth Day was her favorite holiday. I couldn’t agree more. Earth Day is the most universal global holiday we have. A day to unite for our one and only, Mother Earth.

The first Earth Day was organized by peace activist John McConnell, to coincide with the 1969 UNESCO conference held in San Francisco around the Spring Equinox on March 20th.

John McConnell was a Midwesterner who moved to San Francisco to continue his interest in activism. McConnell was a prolific activist. He organized campaigns for many causes, including peace, hunger, and environmental issues. McConnell was inspired by the pollution he saw while working at a plastic factory. McConnell was so appalled by the pollution resulting from plastic manufacture that he made it his life’s work to promote environmental activism and stewardship.

The Earth Day holiday was founded in 1970 with the help of Wisconsin-senator Gaylord Nelson. Since 1970, Earth Day’s are held on April 22nd of every year. Even Senator Nelson couldn’t predict the success of his ambitious idea, saying of the project, “it was a gamble, but it worked.”

The 1970’s were a very important time for environmental legislation. There was momentum built up by the growing awareness of social issues, pollution, and our impact on wildlife and wilderness.

Today many of the same issues exist, threatened and endangered species, pollution from nuclear waste, coal, munitions, boats, pharmaceutical waste, untreated sewage, mining waste, brewing waste, and so on. The Earth is not our garbage can, but we often treat it that way.

Since the new millennium, Earth Day has added Global Warming as another key issue. The good news is, 2007 was the most successful Earth Day, with an estimated one billion people participating in close to two hundred countries.

Happy Earth Day!

For Addition information:

Earth Day Network, a website organized by the founders of Earth Day.

Wikipedia Earth Day

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More Tulip Photos

Posted in Flowers by Lzyjo on April 20, 2009

So far, I only have good things to say about Triumph tulips.


Triumph Tulip Happy Generation

The blooms are huge, and a lovely cup-shape.


Triumph Tulip Happy Generation

The plants, with flowers, grow to be 18-24 inches tall. This one is in partial shade and performing very well.


Triumph Tulip Happy Generation

This one got a little top heavy in the spring storm. I think it may bounce back to its strong tall self.

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Wordless Wednesday–Microcosm

Posted in Wordless Wednesday by Lzyjo on April 15, 2009