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March Madness — Are You Doing The Brackets?

Posted in Sports by Lzyjo on March 19, 2009

I may not seem like the type to be a sports fan, but I am, and I do enjoy some entertainment that does not require any skill. Filling out the brackets for the winners of March Madness is a fun way to be part of the fun, even without being a hardcore fan or statistical analyst.  Monkeys actually have a good record with Superbowl predictions, so don’t hold yourself back! ESPN has a tourney sweepstakes with prizes, if you enter your bracket before noon today. The first round games start today and go until the Championship final on April 6.

All you have to do is fill in the winners on the ESPN site and sign up for a free ESPN account to be entered to win.


Here is a screenshot of my brackets. The ESPN site shows team stats for every match up and team seeds, for each division are marked with the little number on the side.

If you don’t care about the prizes and just want to fill out the brackets for fun, Yahoo has a blank bracket form you can fill out with a pencil, or the New York Times has an interactive bracket you can fill-out online. It makes the games more fun!


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