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The seed police came back!

Posted in Seeds by Lzyjo on March 18, 2009

My tangerine seedlings grown from store-bought fruit were the first  to put-out exuberant new growth as the days grew longer. I promise they are NOT key limes grown from seeds that I bought from an uncertified seller.


Would you believe… the seed police came back a second time this winter after the fiasco when I surrendered my poor seedling. They came back looking to clarify the purchase dates, but really there’s nothing I can do to retrieve records from 2006, it’s just too long ago. DH, ever so kindly dealt with the gentleman, here is his first-hand account.

“Soon enough, he flashed his badge, as if that mattered to me. I thwarted his redundant purpose and dispatched him with The Lion’s Roar.*”

* Reference for fans of the film Kung Fu Hustle.

They also sent me forms in the mail.  I had to sign two copies of everything, one for the USDA and one for my records, certifying that I had bought the seeds.

The irony in this situation, at least to me, is that seeds of all types of citrus fruits are shipped everywhere within the fruits themselves, so it is fine to sprout seeds from fruit purchased at the grocery store, but if you want to buy seeds specifically for propagation you must buy from a certified seller.

Many types of citrus fruit grow true from seed, including tangerines and Key Limes, but not Persian limes, the typical green lime sold in grocery stores. If you are interested in growing citruses from seed I recommend checking the GardenWeb Citrus forum to make sure the variety you choose grows true to type.

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