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They Know It’s Spring

Posted in Garden by Lzyjo on March 16, 2009

I totally forgot I had planted hyacinth bulbs last Autumn, so I thought they were tulips when they came up! Needless to say, I was quite distraught, as these did not resemble any tulips I had seen.


Everyday the center of the bulb got wilder and wilder looking.


Until I finally remembered/recognized they were hyacinths.


Of course, it helped when the REAL tulips came up! I only see two so far.  I think the moles may have eaten some, but two is better than none.


My Johnny Jump-Ups have survived the rabbits and the winter. They are still kickin’ it and lookin’ fine.


It may not look like much, but  I grew this tree from a seed, so I am quite delighted to see it already putting out new growth. The only problem the name tag is lost, so I have no clue what it is. I need to find a more permanent solution for labeling plants.


Here is my lovely Spring bouquet of Forsythia and Redbud branches. Pardon the coke bottle vase. You caught me! I’m cheap and I haven’t dusted in a while 😉


Happy Spring Everyone! Have a lovely day!

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  1. jgh said, on March 16, 2009 at 3:29 PM

    If you hadn’t told me it was a coke bottle vase, I never wouldda known 😉
    Good to see your hyacinths popping up and the johnny jump-ups too.
    I’m impressed that you’re growing a tree from seed!

  2. ourfriendben said, on March 17, 2009 at 5:04 AM

    Happy spring to you, too, lzyjo! Love the Johnny jump-ups. And needless to say, I’ve never found a permanent tag solution either! That’s why garden notebooks and plot plans are such a good idea. At least then you have a fighting chance!

  3. lzyjo said, on March 17, 2009 at 7:18 AM

    Hi JGH,Thanks for stopping by, I’ve added you to my blog roll again. whoops!

  4. lzyjo said, on March 17, 2009 at 7:20 AM

    HI OFB, Thanks for stopping by, I love the tip on a garden journal. Now I just have to commit to writing everything down! 😉

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