Worms and Flowers

One Year Blogging

Posted in Blog by Lzyjo on December 27, 2008

My blog turns one this weekend. It has been a long year, for my blog. It all began last October as a digital replacement for my pen and paper garden journal, detailing dates planted, dates of germination, and species information. At first, it wasn’t even public! Gradually, as the blogosphere became more and more unavoidable, I began posting and trying to contribute my experiences and discoveries, however small they were, to the blogging world. I didn’t promote my blog, or track stats, until June of this year when my blog finally matured beyond its infantile stages. I know, I have repudiated the advice of every blogging guru, by recklessly mixing topics, not only in my blog, but in the posts too. Despite my rampant topic-mixing it is not all blather. I strive to fully research my topics and get the real facts before spouting out the data. I have managed to publish a modest 70 posts this year (1.3 per week), which isn’t too bad, considering I only posted once a month last winter. It’s very rewarding to know that simply by starting a blog one creates a broadcast that reaches out to the entire world 24/7, 365. It still astounds me how many different countries my visitors come from, sometimes when I look at the stats I need to Google the County, or the city, because I don’t recognize the flag.

My second vegetable garden season is drawing to an end and the third is just beginning, providing new opportunities for obsessions and fascinations. I already have a long list of flowers and vegetables to try for next year, including a nice selection of rabbit resistant plants!

Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog over the past year and especially those who have taken the time to leave their comments. It’s very encouraging to know that people all across the world are gardening and enjoying this great hobby.


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