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New Year, New Seeds

Posted in Garden, Seeds by Lzyjo on December 27, 2008

My favorite part about winter is buying new seeds for next year’s garden. Here are a few of the seeds I bought that are totally new to the line-up.
Kentucky Limestone Lettuce, The Original Bibb Lettuce developed by Jack Bibb in the 1800s. Hopefully it will love our Tennessee limestone soil just as well.

Yellow Of Parma Onion. Onions are totally new for me, but they are a very important part of the vegetable pantry. Hopefully, starting this early in the year will yield a good harvest.

Stowell’s Evergreen Corn. Is a late season white sweet corn, developed by Nathan Stowell of New Jersey in the 1800s.

Golden Bantam Improved, a yellow kernel corn. By planting two variates of corn, one early and one late, I should be able to extend the harvests, as well as, saves seeds for the two separate varieties.

Ace Pickling Cucumber. I hope it’s not too ambitious to try to make my own cucumbers…our landlady does.

German Rhubarb. I love rhubarb, but it grow best in the North, from what I read it is possible to grow and harvest rhubarb in the South, as an annual, although it grows smaller stalks.

Oregano Greek, according to Grecian blogger CityGarden, Greek Oregano, Oregano Vulgare Hirtum is the real thing, more potent and intense than standard Vugare forms.

Blue Podded Blauwschokkers, Blue Podded shelling peas, aka, Capucijner Peas, named after the Catholic/Franciscan Capuchin Monks who developed this variety. The peas are vigorous, growing up to six feet on a trellis.

Charentais Melon. Need I say more?

Grandma Einck’s Dill. For the pickles! This is one of the original seeds that began the Seed Savers Exchange, it was brought over from Bavaria by one of the founder’s Grandmother. It is a dual-purpose dill, used for its leaves and seeds.

Amish Paste Tomato. After numerous disappointments with hybrids and beefsteaks, I’m resorting to this revered all-purpose sauce tomato, with lots of meat.

German Chamomile, Sages, Snap dragons, and Scarlet Clove Pinks, another name for Carnations.

Cupani’s Original Sweet Pea. The sweet pea is purported to be the Original sweet pea sent into England in the 17Th Century by an Italian monk. Sweet peas are also supposed to be rabbit resistant, which is a huge plus for me and anyone also who has a rabbit problem.

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