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Cow Eating a Watermelon

Posted in Farm by Lzyjo on December 27, 2008

I had to clear out the fridge to make-way for the two last watermelons of the year. One weighed 14.5 pounds and the other 16.


I had been alarmed at how quickly the produce I tossed into the pasture disappeared. Now, I guess I don’t have to worry. The cows were out when I tossed out this watermelon and they were on it right away. This very pregnant cow chomped it down, in a few minutes flat, rind and all!

When I first saw her eating it she was picking up the pieces in her mouth. I got the camera out and waited with the camera at my eye and sure enough she didn’t do it again.


Today I brought back 8.5 pounds of produce from the garden, including lots of hot chilies, tomatoes, and a few bitter melons . I feel great walking back to the house with a heavy grocery bag full of veggies!

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