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An Excuse for Absence

Posted in Quilting by Lzyjo on December 27, 2008

Thank you all for your continued patronage during my absence. I know it isn’t polite to show up without an excuse, so I brought one. My first quilt is finally done!! YAY!! I’m beyond ecstatic!
It’s the quilt sandwich. Just a little big. 😀 I had to clear out the biggest room in the house and even then there was not enough room to walk all the way around it. It took approximately six to eight hours to baste the quilt. Good thing I bought a leather thimble!


As I mentioned before, I used my Kenmore Mini Ultra Sewing Machine, as the name implies, it is smaller than a regular machine, about three-quarters the size of a standard machine. As soon as I stuffed the quilt under the harp of the sewing machine, it became painfully obvious that my machine was not intended to quilt a full sized quilt, but I managed to do it anyway, at the expense of my hands and wrists, which were extremely painful at the end of a days quilting.

I only hand sewed the binding on the two short sides, before giving in the convenience of the sewing machine. It took over an hour for me to invisible stitch 90″ of binding, so after two hours, I finished the last sides on the sewing machine is under ten minutes.

invisible stitch

I’m right proud of myself. The only sewing experience I had was sewing in Middle School, so I’m hardly experienced, yet I managed to finish a quilt that is properly sized and square! It was really hard to believe that it was finally done after so many long hard hours of work. It is finally sinking in, after sleeping under it for a few days.


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