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Storing Seeds in Ammo Cases

Posted in Seeds by Lzyjo on December 25, 2008

Now is the time of year when many seed vendors begin their end of season sales. It is the perfect time to stock up on seeds at a great price. When I first thought about taking advantage of a 25 for $25 deal at my favorite seller’s webstore, I was skeptical if the seeds would maintain their viability until planting time. It turns out, many seeds, including curcurbits, solanaceae, lettuce, and beets maintain their viability for four to five years. Some of the few varieties that have short viability, 1-2 years, are parsley, spinach, onions, leeks, and parsnips. One of the sites recommended ammo cases as the ideal dark, air-tight, and water-tight container for seed storage.


They are very easy to obtain. We purchased two on eBay for $11 dollars each ($8 plus $14 shipping, because they’re heavy.) I would imagine almost every country offers surplus ammo cases to the public. They are extremely sturdy with a water-tight rubber seal that locks shut with a leaver mechanism, similar to old-style canning jars that use wire latches, and they don’t look bad on the bookshelf either.Photobucket

All you need is a pack of silica. You might even have some in your closet in shoe boxes, pocketbooks, and in the packaging of other goods that need moisture protection. Silica desiccant can purchased at crafts stores, if you are unable to obtain a packet. I also made a cardboard divider to sort the seeds in one of the boxes, and in the seeds in the other box are in long business envelopes.

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