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Quilting: A New Hobby

Posted in Quilting by Lzyjo on December 25, 2008

Blog sites always warn against mixing topics, but it’s hard for me to resist sharing some of my other interests. I have just started quilting. To be precise, I ordered my first quilt book on 7/8 from Amazon.com. Of course it shipped media mail, so it took its time getting here. It’s been about 4-6 weeks since I first became interested in quilting and now my first quilt is partially finished! It’s still hard for me to believe, several days later, that I actually created this quilt from many many small pieces of DH’s old shirts, old sheets, and a pillowcase! As you can see, I am a firm-believer in using and re-using things as many times as possible, or as is so hip now-a-days, upcycling.


I made a huge mistake when I bought striped sateen sheets, on clearance at the department store. I had no idea then, but the sateen weave wears-out much quicker than percale. It wasn’t a total loss as I was able to make lovely coordinated swagged curtains that just happen to match the wallpaper border.


I am excited and proud. It’s right fulfilling to see the design take shape and literally come-together. It went a lot faster than expected. My Mini Ultra sewing machine from Kenmore really kicked-ass. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started, but already it has proved to be an enjoyable and exciting hobby. There are many steps that make perfect segments. It’s relaxing and calming to sit and quietly pin and sew. It’s very rhythmical and I see how it would have made an excellent past time in the days of yore, before TV.

My main reason for writing this post is to encourage anyone who has ever admired quilts, or wanted to quilt, to start. When I was first learning about quilting, a lot of articles I read were very discouraging to beginners, claiming that no one with only sewing experience would be able to do it. That is obviously not so. After completing this top, I have concluded that it’s easier than it looks and anyone who has ANY sewing experience can accomplish it. There are a lot of free resources and how-tos on the web. Quilt.com and The Quilters Newsletter.

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