Worms and Flowers

It’s All Ruined!

Posted in Garden by Lzyjo on December 25, 2008

I threw out my back a couple days ago after attempting to stake my fruit laden tomato plants (which, by the way, a more than three feet tall.) Terrible idea. It is imperative to stake tomato plants right away, to avoid injuring oneself or the fruit. I was excited to finally get to the garden today, thinking everything would look great after the rain. I was so wrong. Turns out, it was a violent storm. I went into shock when I saw the trellis with the ridgegourd and bittermelon was all twisted and fallen over. It’s totally hopeless. A huge heavy tangled mess. I have no idea how I will be able to find any of the fruits. It is truly ruined beyond repair. I feel as though all my work was in vain.


The bittermelon plants are lovely. The whole garden smells like Jasmin. The flowers are fragrant and even the foliage has an exotic look. I would happily grow this plant as an ornamental.


It’s not all bad, there is a bittermelon on the vine and my Miami rose cutting has a beautiful, big inflo.


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