Worms and Flowers


Posted in Garden by Lzyjo on December 24, 2008

Everything has grown a lot, especially the weeds. It’s so good to see the rows coming up and making a garden where there was just bare dirt this Spring.


I just can’t wait any longer. Urge to plant. I was glad to see it was overcast this morning. The dog and I headed to the garden early to get eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes in the ground.


We renovated the garden a bit last night, removing the bolting lettuce plants and placing the lettuce fence around the tomato plants, which are beginning to form fruit.

Here they are. Two Asian eggplants and a Jyoti hot pepper. Smile for your portrait, me pretties.


And the tomatoes. Right where the lettuce was just yesterday.


I simply cannot express how glad I am to see the potatoes cracking open the earth. Last year not one came up. When I dug into the ground I found the hollow seed potatoes, they completely crumpled to dust.


I love the natural colors of the garden. The pale violet bean flowers and this delicate sunny yellow of the crookneck squash.


The first zucchini! These plants have grown so fast, just a week ago they were puny.


I’m really excited to see the ridgegourd climbing up the trellis.


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