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Posted in Seeds by Lzyjo on December 24, 2008

It was a big day for the garden yesterday. My seed potatoes arrived from Ronnigers, aka, Milk Ranch. I ordered an early Dutch yellow fleshed variety, Bintje and I also received La Soda because they didn’t have Red Norland in stock. I’m happy with the substitution since the description says La Soda grows well in the South. I also got the seeds from Cherry Gal Heirlooms, which will keep my garden growing well into the fall and winter. Cherry Gal has a great selection. I will be ordering more, but for now, I have Sheepnose Pimento and Red Marconi Peppers, Cannellini Beans, Dwarf Gray Sugar Peas, Blue Solaize Leek, and a truly wonderful looking savoy-type cabbage called San Giovanni.

Last year my potatoes were a total failure. I am not even sure if one single potato sprouted. In my research toward potato success, I discovered that Summer planted potatoes are notoriously difficult to get started and it is not uncommon for a field to be planted two or three times due to failure. To maximize my chances, I dug holes last night and planted some of the potatoes this morning, when soil temperatures are the lowest.

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